Coursework windows — tiring:(

One advice. Don’t ever stick masking tape onto the windows — getting them off is hard work. I finally finished getting off all the masking tape stains after 2 days, 8 hours of scarping, wiping and pure menial work. The internet says that Goo Gone and WD40 works well but they didn’t really work for me. The penknife and my arm muscles did. At last my coursework’s done after this long period of time. The thing left is only the viva voce on Monday and after that will be intensive studying and studying. Haiz. Life’s sad. I didn’t manage to take a photo today since it was raining. I’ll post it some time soon. If I still remember.

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I commented a couple of stuff on other people’s blogs. Here are the hyperlinks.

Jing Ting:




Lisa He:


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Coursework related stuff

I keep forgetting to post this. The other day when I went to Raffles Institution or Raffles Junior College to take my HSK test, I saw this perspective artwork at the staircase. It was really cool though I could not understand what it was about.

The work

This was the artwork. I think I probably was looking at it from the wrong perspective — should be lower, but it looked really impressive.

Place to stand

This was the place to stand. The person who did this made the footprint him/herself!!! I think the most touching thing for me was the knowledge that there were actually other Singapore students who were doing something that was so similar to mine! This was really a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, I saw this before completing my final so it gave me some inspiration on how and where I should go about putting my footprints.

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Mailbox (front), spray paint on cardboard, 42cm x 38cm, 2010

Mailbox (back), spray paint on cardboard, 42cm x 38cm, 2010

I made this mailbox for Chinese SIA this year. My group was doing the topic on student-teacher relationship and based on what we found out, the effective way of increasing the quality of student-teacher relationship is to improve the communication between the two. Thus, I made this mailbox to enable students and teachers to write letters to each other to communicate better and prevent misunderstandings from occuring, which will worsen the relationship between the students and the teachers.

I was very impressed with what I made (I am not boasting) since I didn’t even expect that it would turn out so successful and nice. I felt that the red colour matched very well with the black and the entire structure was also well made. Furthermore, to make it more usable, I also cut an opening at the back for students and teachers to get their letters.

However, one of the areas which wasn’t that well done was that there were a couple of bumps and smudges on the mailbox if you look closely. Being the perfectionist that I am, I felt really uncomfortable but there was nothing much that I could actually do to make it better.

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Somehow, I kind of get the feeling that I am getting very familiar with roman numerals… So here’s the 26th art piece that I am posting (in case you don’t know roman numerals).

Sky 1, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

Sky 2, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

Sky 3, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

Sky 4, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

Sky 5, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

Sky 6, photography, 21cm x 14.8cm, 2010

This was a series of photographs done this year. I was very interested in the sky and the clouds and thus I took a series of photographs depicting the sky at different times of the day and in different conditions. Many of the angles from which the photograph was taken from was very interesting and thus I really liked this series of photographs.

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Prep work

After so many gruelling hours of prep work, I finally handed my prep boards up last friday. So here are all my prep boards:


This board shows all the things that I have done to understand more about how to draw 3D drawings, with some successful drawings and a couple of failures. It also mentions the inspirations that I had such as 3D street art.

Sites design

This board talks about all the spaces that I considered to use for my final and the things that I could do with them since they are very different from one another. It also shows an inspiration picture for the text on the windows.


This board shows all the possible compositions that I have considered. One of the selection criteria for me was for it to be able to reflect the sky as I felt that it calms people down so that they are able to comtemplate quietly and calmly and it should also be the place that we look towards and how our mindsets should be.

Composition colour

This is me trying out the various colours for the composition I decided on. On the side is the drawing that I tried out on the floor before starting on my final. The photos were taken to show the different perspectives.

Lily pads

I did a more detailed study on lily pads. The photographs below were taken at KK hospital, which I used as reference pictures to draw my final.

Shoes and clouds reflection

This one shows the drawings I did of my school shoes and the investigation of the effect of light on the shadows formed on the shoes. I also did a study of the reflection of clouds on water to make my final look more realistic.

Text I and real shoes

This was a study of the fonts and colours that I could use for my text and an explanation of the reason behind pasting the blue shoes on and why they were arranged in a random manner.

Final and text II

This board shows the progression of my coursework, from the very initial stages to completion. It also shows and explains the idea behind putting text on the ground to guide the viewers to the camera.

That’s all for my prep boards.

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The space

I promised that I would talk and explain about my coursework. So here goes. My coursework basically looks at the standing in others’ shoes and being able to look at things from others’ perspectives, which I feel is what forms the basis of tolerance and understanding between people. This is all under the broad theme of perception.

Perception is how a person percieves or in simpler terms, look at an issue or an object. Different people have different perceptions. Like zebras and fingerprints, no two persons’ perceptions are the same. As I mentioned previously in my inspiration post on Matthew Ngui, all perceptions are the “truth” and there is no discrimination against any. Though we realise that these different perceptions exist between people and also the need to look at things not just from your own perspective, but also from others’, we do not really make the effort to put it into action.

I feel that this is the result of a lack of courage to take a step further, or just pure laziness that prevents us from fully understanding another person. By seeing what the other person sees, we are able to understand why he or she sees it in this manner and thus are able to better understand a person. Conflicts are therefore less likely to occur. Also, I felt that by “stepping into someone else’s shoes”, we actually see another side to an issue or on more general terms, of the entire world. All these different viewpoints are what makes our lives and the world more interesting. By simply believing solely in what we see and refusing to see what new things that can be seen from another’s perspective, we are losing out on the most meaningful things in our world.  

Also, I used the phrase “to stand in one’s shoes” to bring out the entire idea of perception. Thus, I made use of shoes and my own school shoes to bring out the idea of being in someone else’s shoes and looking at things from his or her perspective. Thus, this phrase was very important to my coursework.  

In this case, to express this idea, I took a more personal approach by inviting or even challenging viewers into come into my perspective, where they see the correct view of the entire space constructed. By combining 3D street art with perspective art, I constructed a space that looks natural and logical even though it does not below to the natural space. 

Furthermore, the shoes that were pasted onto the cupboards below the words symbolizes the perception of thoes around me and how their perceptions actually affected mine. By including the shoes in the space, it changes the space from a orderly one to a messier one. This symbolizes how these people who are close to me, such as my family, friends or even classmates affects my perception and my perception is thus formed and influenced by theirs.

Guiding text for viewers

 I initially wanted to make a video showing people stepping into the pond but I realised that it would not be able to bring the message across to the viewers. Thus, I pasted text on the floor to guide viewers to the camera and gave them a choice whether they want to or not.

That’s all for coursework explanation folks. I hope I do make some sense. If you want to know more, I don’t think I’ll be posting more… (~evil laugh:D)

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